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Acre restaurant is founded by chef and owner Andrew Longres. It is founded on the principles of amazing ingredients, refined execution, and exceptional warmth and hospitality. Acre restaurant will feature a wood-burning hearth and accommodate 90 guests and put an emphasis on locally raised meats and seafood, craft cocktails, and amazing wine. Acre Restaurant originated from the farm that my grandparents had called Rolling Acres in Liberty Missouri. Bringing back fond memories and a homage to the wealth of knowledge that I gained from both of them.

Acre highlights the most pristine and amazing ingredients that the Midwest has to offer. Chef Andrew works closely with local farmers and artisans to showcase their amazing products that they produce.

The fundamentals of Acre is all fire based on his custom wood-burning hearth using a variety of woods to showcase the products used to add depth and flavors.  We combine fire-based cooking preparations with local ingredients and highlight the bountiful harvests the Midwest has to offer.  

Coming Spring 2022

Meet The Team