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acre is lucky to be in a city focused on philanthropy. from large and small businesses to individuals, Kansas City puts the spirit of charity first.

being a good corporate citizen is an integral part of acre’s charitable mission and we absolutely cherish connecting with the city that so generously supports us. we take seriously our obligation to help others and to make this a better place to live, work and play. 

we ❤ Kansas City.

we wish acre could help everyone who reaches out but as a small, locally owned restaurant it’s just not feasible. instead, acre concentrates available resources for those who need us most. 

high five the kids, families and education.

kansas city is brimming with causes deserving attention. after some serious soul searching on how we can best contribute to the community’s well-being, we chose three charitable pillars that tug our heartstrings every time: kids, families and education. 

if your organization touches one of these pillars, please submit a donation request. while we can’t honor each one, we will do our best to lend a hand.

thank you for loving kansas city as much as we do!


chef-owner andrew longres


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