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Jensine Stewart

General Manager

as someone who grew up in the Midwest, jensine is wired to deliver hospitality: “i crave interactions with people.”

at 16, Jensine began working in a thai restaurant in pittsburg, kan., and she later spent several years working at Q39. When she took maternity leave, she wasn’t sure if she would return to restaurant work.

a regular customer posted on social media about a new parkville restaurant: Acre. The concept piqued her interest, and the slower paced dining experience has allowed her time to interact with diners and develop a regular customer base. 

“our guests are just amazing: parkville just embraced us with the biggest hug ever,” she says.

jensine also enjoys working in a family-friendly restaurant environment, one where the chef and many of the staff also have young children. periodically jensine brings her toddler daughter, eily, to have dinner. 

her current favorite menu item? the mashed potatoes and ice cream chef longres personally scoops tableside for his pint-size diners.