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Jake Ortner

Bar Manager

jake draws on his travels to introduce Acre customers to unique craft cocktails, some featuring niche spirits and wines from other parts of the world that are underrepresented in the Midwest.

“Just like a chef uses travel to create dishes, I recreate those experiences in a beverage, as opposed to on the plate,” he says.

jake earned a degree in international relations and marketing from the university of missouri-kansas city. he has also worked in notable kansas city restaurants, including houston’s, the rieger and bluestem.

jake returns to a post behind the bar after a detour into media sales followed by a solo trip to bosnia and croatia, where he became interested in experimenting with fruit liqueurs from eastern europe.

“The Midwestern focus of the bar doesn’t allow me to bring in all the spirits i’ve encountered during my travels, but i can bring in bits and pieces through a concept of craft cocktail,” he says.